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Forgotton Anne

Game Designer on the game Forgotton Anne, a 2d cinematic platformer. Read more about the game here.

Stop that rabbit!

Stop that rabbit! was funded in 2014 by DFI (Danish Film Institute) to be developed as a tablet/smartphone game, to help kids develop their their collaborative abilities.

My role was as Game Director and I had the responsibility for the game’s vision and overall concept.


Game Designer on the game ION, made at DADIU 2012.

DADIU: The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment, a collaboration between universities and art schools in all of Denmark. The program covers one complete semester from September to December.

Play it here.

ED'n' Breakfast

Ed´n Breakfast was made at DADIU’s minigame project, developed in less than 5 days.

Controls: Move left or right with arrow keys, change gravity with Spacebar

Role: Game Designer

DADIU: The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment is a collaboration between universities and art schools in all of Denmark.


Arty- The cat of life (play here)

Game created for Imagine Cup 2013.

The game mechanics are based on Conway’s game of life.

Role in the production: Character artist and animator, Logo designer.

Download and play here

Carry On

Made at Nordic Game Jam 2012, Which means it was created under 48 hours.

Main role was as graphical artist.


Game Designer for bit.trip beat iPhone and iPad version.

Publisher Namco Networks America Inc.

Developer: Gaijin Games

Car jack Streets

Quality Assurance on Car jack Streets 2008.

Publisher  I-Play, Tag Games Limited

Developer:  Tag Games Limited,446310/

Astro Ranch

Testing and QA on following game during my internship at Tag Games.


Dinnercall was a game/app. made for smartphones in the course Persuasive games, Spring 2012. The game was made for players who wanted to change their social behaviors in a positive direction. We wanted to give them not only a game but a tool that would allow them to effectively socialize and engage with people whom they would not know. My main role was as Game Designer and Graphical artist.

Full Moon Madness

Full Moon Madness is a two-player co-op game created as a final project in the course Game Development, Spring 2012. 

Tag line: The men who were wolves.

My main role was as Project Manager and graphical artist.

Fruit Person Shooter

Fruit Person Shooter is a multiplayer game created in the Game Design course, fall 2011. My role here was a Project Manager and graphics artist.

Miniklub Denmark

Miniklub is an e-learning game for children which I helped launch as Project and Communication Manager.


Worked as moderator/supporter at Moviestarplanet from 2012 - 2015.

MovieStarPlanet is an online game and community, that involves creating and maintaining a safe and fun environment for the young users of the site.